Bryan Singer to Direct Six Billion Dollar Man with Leonardo DiCaprio

Latino Review:
Latino Review is reporting that Bryan Singer has approached Leonardo DiCaprio about playing the lead in the film adaptation of 1970's television show, Six Million Dollar Man.

According to the Latino Review the Weinsteins are trying once again to bring the Bionic man to the silver screen. They have been trying to make a film version of the classic 1970's television show for over a decade, but have been unsuccessful thus far.

As of right now, Latino Review says that Bryan Singer is the director of choice, and he has talked to Leonardo DiCaprio about playing the lead role of Steve Austin. A role that was made famous by Lee Majors in the television show. But DiCaprio won't sign on until he has had a chance to read the script, which is a shrewd move for the A-Lister.

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alycakes3188d ago

I used to watch Six Million Dollar Man. It was a long time ago and I don't remember much but I do remember liking it. I think it would be a good movie or even a tv show again if it's done right.

StarWarsFan3188d ago

This should prove interesting.

alycakes3187d ago

I really do think it would be a good project.