Michael Jackson Estate Shops King of Pop Biopic

Showblitz says

Michael Jackson’s estate wants to be starting something in Hollywood: a King of Pop biopic. With Dr. Conrad Murray’s involuntary manslaughter trial now over, John Branca, the executor of the Jackson estate, has approached Ivan Reitman and Tom Pollock’s Montecito Picture Company about the possibility of producing and financing a Jackson biopic, Variety's Jeff Sneider reports.

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StarWarsFan2649d ago

I wonder who would play Michael Jackson. Usually it's always a comedian, so this would be different.

Crazay2649d ago

AHAHAH!! I was wondering that myself. |For some reason I remember a made for TV biopic back in the 90s.

movieshateyoutoo2649d ago

Should a white guy play him or a black guy play MJ? Maybe have a black guy play him pre-nose job and then have a white guy play him once he starts losing his color and eventually have Gwyneth Paltrow play him up until his death.