Star Trek Sequel Filming Starts January 15th + Locations & Pre-Production Update

Trek Movie says

Things continue to progress for the Star Trek sequel, recently reported to be in consideration for a 2013 release. TrekMovie has an exclusive update on the status for pre-production on the project including locations, the script and casting. We also have news on the exact date for the start of filming.

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Crazay2651d ago

Waiting until 2013 sucks. I've been super excited for this movie since I walked out of the theater. Hopefully it won't take as long for the next one.

alycakes2650d ago

Yeah, I'm glad they finally got this one decided and planned out so they could get started...I get tired of waiting too. At least we have tons of new movies coming out in 2012 to keep us busy.

StarWarsFan2650d ago

Finally. Let's get the ball rolling on this one.

Crazay2649d ago

MY buddy who is working on the game that's supposed to coincide with the movie loosely has talked about some of the environments they're working on and he mentions some "jungle" like locations.

akaFullMetal2649d ago

Finally, took them forever to get this going.