Snow Whites Do Battle at the Box Office in 2012

Two adaptations of Snow White are on the way next year, including one from Immortals director Tarsem Singh and one featuring that chick from Twilight. But which will be worth your hard earned dollars?

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alycakes3229d ago

I might see Snow White and the Huntsman but I doubt that I will see the other one until it's on tv or something like that.

alycakes3228d ago

After seeing the trailer for Mirror, Mirror I can honestly say that this one has it beat by a long shot.

pomoluese3228d ago

Mirror, Mirror looks terrible. Too much Julia Roberts and cheesy jokes.

I'm not sure how I feel about Snow White and the Huntsman, I didn't like Alice in Wonderland and that seems to be one of their selling points.

StarWarsFan3227d ago

Snow White And The Huntsman has a chance of drawing solid box-office numbers. I see Mirror, Mirror becoming a flop.

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