First Look At Ada Wong Dressed In Red On Set Of ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’

Someone's looking sexy in red again. The RE4 hottie finally arrives, dressed to kill. Take a look at this new image of Li Bingbing suited up as Ada Wong on the set of 'Resident Evil: Retribution'.

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Blink_442649d ago

Love the games but have never seen any of the movies

DarkBlood2649d ago

i played the games first years before a movie was even thought of

the films are enjoyable by itself though makes references only in names and characters

you should watch them espically the first one it actually looked like it could of tied into the games

then the films after that, well it just goes in its own path

Blink_442649d ago

I guess I should check them out then. They probably have a box set with them all together.

DarkBlood2649d ago

if your lucky you might find a boxset for all 3 films together the 4th one is own its own

thats what i did anyways

alycakes2649d ago

You need to see the me they're really good. I don't play the games but watch the movies but I'm a movie fanatic. These zombie movies are the best!

pomoluese2649d ago

I'm digging the guy in the background. He looks super excited.