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More Background Information on Bane, Catwoman, & the Destruction of Gotham Revealed

CBM says

One of the more reliable sources during the New York filming of the new Batman movie, has compiled a slew of information that he has come across.

Raganork8 has been providing photos, videos, and scoops during the New York filming of The Dark Knight Rises. He has had a knack for getting photos and videos from vantage points that most were not capable of. I have posted much of his material, and believe that the information below is what he heard. But, that doesn't mean the information that was told to him by various sources is factual. So, like always take it with a grain of salt.

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Crazay3237d ago

Holy snappin there's a crap load of info in there. This guy has been good though - he's provided lots of good stuff.

StarWarsFan3235d ago

They could really release a trailer already.