WB Already in Sequel Mode For The Man of Steel

TMT - When a studio commissions a writer for a sequel to an as-yet-released franchise-hopeful, it's an act of showing confidence in their product. They're telling us, "We have a winner here, you fellas are gonna love it and we're getting the ball rolling for more now because of that!"

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DarkBlood2649d ago

great it'll be awsome to see what they'll do next maybe perhaps

Dark Seid
Metallo (errr maybe)
Lex luthor (but theres gotta be some serious shit going on)

SantistaUSA2649d ago

I agree with you for the most part, just don't want to Lex Luthor anymore! Doomsday would be epic if done right, make the sequel the death of superman and then on the 3rd one his come back! :D

alycakes2649d ago

Well, I'll have to see the first one and then maybe start thinking about the next one. To me it seems a little too early to start on the next one but I guess they know it's probably going to be a big hit.

rustyspoon802649d ago

There were reports of Green Lantern 2 & 3 before the first was released. And look how that film turned out.

StarWarsFan2648d ago

They must be pretty confident in what they're seeing so far from Snyder.

Sugreev20012648d ago

We should have a more confident Lex Luthor fighting Superman in the sequel,without any comic relief henchman.I'd do anything to see Lex done right,and Chris Nolan's shepherding the movies bodes well for my expectations.