Kill Bill And Death Proof Star Zoe Bell Will Kick Rachel Nichols' Ass In Raze

Twitch says

Director Josh Waller knows what boys like. And somewhere on that list for most is that boys like to watch attractive women punch each other. It doesn't happen very often. We're all too mature and polite for that. But when it does go down, well, it has no difficulty attracting an audience. Particularly not if the women in question know what they're doing.

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alycakes3239d ago

She was good in both those so it depends on what kind of movie it turns out to be.

Crazay3239d ago

I really didn't like Kill Bill and didn't think too highly of Death Proof so I really can't say that I've ever seen her in anything I liked.

alycakes3239d ago

It really wasn't her acting really in Death Proof but her stunts were great.

StarWarsFan3238d ago

I don't think anyone really remembers her enough from Kill Bill or Death Proof to make a judgment on Raze just based on her name in the credits.