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Lucasfilm Registers ‘Star Wars: Identities’ Domains; Is a Film or Series In The Works?

From Fusible:

This week, Lucasfilm registered a handful of domain names hinting at something new on the way for the Star Wars franchise called ‘Star Wars: Identities’.

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DarkBlood3231d ago

that would be interesting after all from what i know there were alot of stories going on some time after the 6th film from books to games

id love another *NON animated* real star wars film

Shackdaddy8363231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

Most likely a series and not a movie.

I think I read somewhere that Lucas wants to make the next trilogy of Star Wars films(episodes 7,8, and 9) in 2021(very doubtful this will happen BTW since he'll be like 77 by then) because the technology will be "caught up to his creative thought process" or something stupid like that.

Lord_Sloth3231d ago

Fett needs his own film but I'd love to see Jaina Solo take center stage for the next trilogy.

StarWarsFan3230d ago

Clouded, this event's future is.