When Will The Hobbit Teaser Drop?


Hopefully by now you've all seen The Hobbit production diaries. If you haven't, suffice to say Peter Jackson's adaptation looks to be shaping up quite nicely. The latest one (available via Peter Jackson's Facebook page) describes the film's innovative cameras, the Red One Epic, which shoots in 5K resolution at 48 frames a second -- in 3D no less. What does that mean for cinema as a whole? Who knows. But it could be a serious game changer, even more so than James Cameron's Avatar was back in 2009.

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Crazay2654d ago

Andy Serkis could only be himself in this movie. He has the face for radio but there's no denying his talent for mo-cap work.

Despite my dislike for LoTR, I;m hopeful this movie is going to be awesome.

StarWarsFan2651d ago

A teaser for The Hobbit would be awesome, just to starting building the marketing campaign.