Harry Potter Director David Yates Hired To Bring Doctor Who To The Big Screen

From CBM:

In some fairly surprising news, it looks like we finally know why David Yates turned down the chance to direct The Stand for Warner Bros. However, not only is the movie a few years away, but it will have NOTHING to do with the TV series.

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edwest3240d ago

I can see this pairing of director + material working, although I can't see that it'll be very unique. Yates always seemed like a gun for hire to me.

Dr Who needs someone like Matthew Vaughn, or if you want to verge outside of the ballpark: Sam Raimi.

sjaakiejj3239d ago

Look forward to see how this turns out. Expecting better acting and no chavvy sidekicks (Rose Tyler...) for the movie, which should lift the concept to very interesting heights.

Watched the first season of the new series (Starting in 2005), and I'm having trouble continuing, considering I'd have to stare at Rose for another season :(

alycakes3239d ago

I would love to see a Dr.Who movie but with David Tenent in it and also the girl who played Rose also but not only that but then they could include Captain Jack from Torchwood too because that's where he got his start and made his first appearance....that would be a cool movie.