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IGN - Hell on Wheels: "Immoral Mathematics" Review


We've got two versions of Hell on Wheels here: there's the version that's interesting and cool and the version that wants to be cool and isn't. "Immoral Mathematics" is caught in between.

The first version was present in tonight's episode. Instead of dodging the potential season-long will-they-ever-catch-Bohannon- and-Common-err-Elam-for-the-mur der-of-Johnson cliffhanger, the writers dove right into it. The two men who rode up on horses next to Bohannon last week turned out to be Durant employees pretending to ask Bohannon if he'd like Johnson's job and oh would you mind going to this enclosed office space with a suspicious man to talk to him about it.

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Blink_443231d ago

I have the first 2 episodes recorded on my Dvr but I don't know if I'm gonna watch them, the reviews haven't been great and I have too many other things to watch.

Crazay3231d ago

I know what you mean but last night I checked out the Pilot and thought it was pretty interesting. I'm gonna stay the course and re-evaluate it at the mid way point.

Blink_443230d ago

I plan on watching before the 3rd episode

alycakes3229d ago

It's been pretty good...still don't know if I'll keep watching but this last episode was really good and I really like the way it turned out so I'll watch next week to see if it keeps my interest again to make me want to keep on watching. Some shows will keep getting better with each episode but other just start getting more boring so we'll see.