20 Things to Know About Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shawdows From Director Guy Ritchie Interview

The Collider:
Moriarty (Jared Harris) is sitting at a table inside the Hotel De La Ville in Paris surrounded by people. He’s reading a newspaper inside the cafe. After a few seconds, someone walks in to tell him something. While I can’t hear what they’re saying, the news must be important since he gets up after hearing it. As he rises out of the chair, the focus of the shot pulls to an old man sitting at a table in the foreground of the frame. The man is unremarkable. He wears a suit of no importance. He has a long grey beard and long grey hair. I didn’t notice him until the camera pulled focus. As Moriarty leaves the room and the man jumps out of his chair, I realize it’s Sherlock Holmes in disguise.

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