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IGN - Dexter: "Nebraska" Review


After last week's "holy s***!" ending I was hoping for a newer, darker Dexter to emerge from the ashes, setting this season off in a different, unforeseeable direction. Brian appearing during the last seconds of "Just Let Go" signaled that Dexter had basically given up on the past four or five years of personal evolution and had resigned to live in the darkness forever. And maybe not just a regression of his personality, but an alteration. Dexter might transform into someone we've haven't even seen him be on this show. Unfortunately, "Nebraska" wasn't quite the follow up I was hoping for.

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alycakes3232d ago

Can't wait to get the season set for last season so I can catch up on that one and then get this one. This season looks like it's even better than last years so I'm really going to enjoy getting this one.

Crazay3232d ago

so far this season has been incredibly good. I need to catch up on 2 episodes and will do that tonight.

Blink_443232d ago

Gahhh I gotta start watching this again.

alycakes3232d ago

I'm always a season behind but that's okay with me as long as I know that I'll catch up eventually.

StarWarsFan3232d ago

I think this was Dexter's best episode this season thus far.