IGN - The Walking Dead: "Chupacabra" Review


I'm a bit split on this episode of The Walking Dead. As a look at Daryl Dixon and how badass he is, it was certainly a success. On the other hand, the material back at the farm needs to get moving – though hopefully, the end of the episode signals just that.

I've gone on record with how much I loathed Merle Dixon, who just felt so ridiculously over the top when we met him last season, so I wasn't exactly excited by his return. But this was "Mind Merle", who was much acceptable – he didn't have to be believable, since he didn't even exist! Appearing to Daryl, after Daryl injures himself, he was there as the devil on his shoulder (with nary an angel in sight), telling him the group didn't accept him or respect him.

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JL3239d ago

It was definitely an interesting ending. I think it sets up for some big things to come and stuff to start to get very interesting.

Blink_443239d ago

I just wish daryls brother was actually back and not just a hallucination

StarWarsFan3239d ago

I think this episode elevated this season onto an entirely better level of interesting.

alycakes3236d ago

It sure did...lot of new questions on my mind now and instead of thinking of the old man as a sweet old man, I'm thinking of him as a scary, untrustworthy old man.