Brad Pitt To Quit Acting 'In Three Years'

CouchPotatoesOnline: Oh oh ladies, some bad news here: Brad Pitt plans to quit acting at the age of 50; in three short years.

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DarkBlood3243d ago

well its suprising considering someone like him n all but hes probably made enough money in his lifetime to consider it retirement

hell that amount of money among average people would be more then enough lol

crxss3242d ago

there's no way he'll stop acting. guaranteed we'll see him again. but anyways good for him for taking a bigger role in his kids' lives. he'll get plenty of dad awards.

Blink_443243d ago

Damn, he's a really good actor too

alycakes3243d ago

I think he and Jolie have invested well because they've made a lot of money but they also give a lot of it away so for him to consider retiring...he's also a smart business man and they've put their money into something solid to make sure their children don't have to worry when they grow up.

StarWarsFan3242d ago

Maybe he'll change his mind in three years.

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