Lady And The Tramp Will Be First Disney Blu-Ray Release In 2012

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Looks like Lady and the Tramp will get the ‘win’ for the first Disney Diamond Edition release in 2012. The cute little story about a lady dog and a street smart male tramp who end up hooking up was originally restored and released on DVD back in 2006, but has been vaulted since 2007. Disney will bring Lady and the Tramp to Blu-ray, as well as re-release the title on DVD on February 7, 2012.

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Crazay3242d ago

I'm anything but a fan of Disney's "classic" animation movies but will no doubt end up with this in our collection on account of my daughter and her intense love for all animals.

alycakes3242d ago

Well then I hope you already have The Lion King for her also because that's another one that's awesome.

Crazay3242d ago

HAHAH!! It's true. She likes it so I'll tolerate it for her.

Crazay3242d ago

Loathed the Lion King - but it's going to be under the tree for our lil girl. We got her the Diamond edition.

alycakes3242d ago

Well...when you're a Daddy it's not what Daddy likes or wants anymore....wait til she's even older.

JL3242d ago

Loathed the Lion King? And don't like Disney's "classics"? What's wrong with you? :P

I love Lion King. I enjoyed Lady and the Tramp as well. I especially enjoy the late 80s-early 90s era of Disney movies. I would absolutely love to see Aladdin and Mulan get a Blu-ray release. Lilo and Stitch and Monsters Inc as well.

As far as older classics, can't wait for The Jungle Book. Also would like to see Robin Hood, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland on Blu-ray.

Blink_443242d ago

I've never seen this o.o

pomoluese3242d ago

I haven't seen this for so long

Premjeet3241d ago

Animation movies are made not only for kids but also for elders. There's a good point in movie that elders should know and enjoy.

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