AMC's The Walking Dead: "Secrets" Preview Trailer and Clip (Episode 6 Season 2)

Cosmic Book News says

Check out a sneak peak and promo for the next episode of The Walking Dead, "Secrets."
Via AMC regarding the clip: "Shane has a hard knocks method of teaching Andrea to use a gun in this sneak peek from episode 206."

The promo shown after tonight's episode follows.

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alycakes3243d ago

This is getting a little strange. I'm starting to wonder what's going on with the old man (the vet). There are too many questions here and I think they need to just get out of there.

Crazay3243d ago

I missed last night episode and will be watching it tonight but based on the title for next weeks episode, there's going to be a rather large payoff.

alycakes3243d ago

You need to watch last night's episode has something on there that was so weird it will make your mind go "What the Hell?"

Crazay3243d ago

HAHA! Well, I'll be watching it tonight for sure.

JL3242d ago


I'm assuming you're talking about the ending that was the "weird" moment, aly? I was definitely like "What the hell?" at the moment. My figuring though is that the vet has been operating on them trying to find a cure..? I haven't read the books, so others who have might know exactly what it's all about.

That would explain why the vet has that policy of wanting to deal with walkers himself. Wanting to gather more test subjects. He obviously has some medical background to at least be able to attempt such things. It could explain why he's so eager to get rid of Rick and company. Maybe he doesn't want them to know about it, so he's not able to do his tests while they're around. He wants them gone so that he can get back to work on the zombies. At the very least, there's something definitely strange going on with the old man and I'm intrigued.

Something else about this episode: it solidified the fact that I do NOT like Andrea. I'd just shoot her and get it over with. I was seriously about to be pissed off when I thought she killed Daryl. He's probably my favorite character on there.

I'm still kinda hoping the lil girl turns up as a zombie.

alycakes3242d ago

I'm not sure about the experiments but he's doing something alright and I feel the same way about Andrea....boy she gets on my nerves!

As for the little girl...I just wish she'd turn up one way or the other so that story would just be done with.

Crazay3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Herschel has a reason for the harvesting of the Zombies - We'll learn more next week I think. I've been wondering when they were going to show the barn.

As for Andrea, I like her but would have be pissed if Darryl bought it. Assuming they continue with the things I hope they kept from the comic, we're going to see some very interesting things with her.

The slower pace of the season has been a little aggravating, but they need to do it and stay the course. I know Kirkman is getting a tonne of shit about it. Trust me when I say the payoff will be huge.

As for Sophia, I say kill her off and move on, but, a thought occurred to me last night. And I'm wondering if the writers taking her into a different direction then the comic but staying with the same idea. I kinda doubt it but it was a pretty cool thought I had.

So damn hard talking to you people about this cause you have no prior knowledge of the comics.