What You Should be Watching: Fullmetal Alchemist - Brotherhood

Louis Garcia of Digital Hippos writes:

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the best animated show to come from Japan in a while. Maybe it's the great cast of characters, story about death and genocide, humor or the magical use of alchemy that tickles the imagination. Either way, you should be watching it!

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NagaSotuva2655d ago

I didn't like how the original series ended. Maybe Brotherhood will set things right.

pomoluese2655d ago

I loved this series. I thought it was a valid way to study Japanese.

yaz2882654d ago

I watched it and its crap, this is the most overrated anime I ever seen ... the original that came in 2004 was much better

Blink_442654d ago

Never really got into this show