Glee's Sue Sylvester Problem

Last night's Glee was the show's strongest in a long, long time, with October 4's "Asian F" a close second and the rest of the episodes far, far behind, particularly last week's torturously awful "Pot O'Gold." "The First Time" and "Asian F" had all the elements that make for a strong Glee showing, which are elements that are important for just about any show: actual human emotions, characters motivated by credible wants, stakes, realizations, genuine drama. It was a total treat! But the recent good episodes are notable for what they didn't include, too. Namely: Sue Sylvester.

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pomoluese3240d ago

I liked her in the first season, they started giving her depth and then they just stopped which is when I stopped watching the show. Sue was the only reason I watched and once they messed her up there was no reason to acknowledge this show.