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A Great Guy to Work With: When Stars Act Opposite Themselves

Player Affinity writes: When it comes to screenwriting techniques, there aren’t many as fun and frugal as having multiple copies of your character in a movie. From a symbolic perspective, the double serves as an outlet for author commentary on the lead character, providing a funhouse-mirror look at who the protagonist could become and what aspects of them are defined by nature or nurture. It’s also a comedic goldmine. After all, who hasn’t wanted a twin for the sole purpose of causing all manner of hilarious misunderstandings? So, in preparation for Jack & Jill, which will see funny-man Adam Sandler playing both of the titular twins, let’s have a look at some of the best cases for doubling down on actors. Be warned though, as what follows has more than enough *spoilers* for two.

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StarWarsFan3234d ago

Sometimes this technique just really invalidates a movie.