Super 8 - WGTC Review

Jeremy of We Got This Covered wrote, "Looking back at this past summer’s films, both big blockbusters and smaller productions there was one film that most were really looking forward to and that was J.J. Abrams’ Super 8. Coming off of a hot streak with Star Trek and the found-footage film Cloverfield, Abrams was a sure thing, most thought. Super 8 is proof that getting too close to your favorite director is a bad thing. It’s no secret that Super 8 producer Steven Spielberg is Abrams’ favorite director, just watch Super 8 and you’ll see a montage of Spielberg’s better films. Super 8 is such a knockoff of Spielberg films that it almost feels offensive. Abrams is better than that; he can make his own things while paying tribute to a great director, but there is no excuse for blatantly ripping off beats from a director’s past films without adding to it in anyway. That’s just a lazy filmmaker gushing."

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