Movies Hate You Too Review: Jack and Jill

Movies Hate You Too writes:

Back in early June South Park ran its season 15 finale You're Getting Old where Stan celebrates his 10th birthday and overnight becomes a cynical asshole about everything and he finds himself alienated from his friends because of that. In the episode the kids head over to their local theater to watch X-Men: First Class but first they have to watch the trailers. It's a long standing fact that South Park has no great love for Adam Sandler, they've made fun of him and his film's countless times but what they did in this episode was brilliant and was an absolute slam dunk. What's makes the joke even better is that I (and a lot of other people) didn't believe that Jack and Jill was a real movie since a trailer hadn't been released at that time. I had to look up what the next Adam Sandler movie was to find out that it was a real movie and that Adam Sandler was indeed going to play the role of Jack and Jill. What's even more amazing is the fact that Trey Parker and Matt Stone summed up how I felt when I left the theater so perfectly.

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TrendyGamers2660d ago

Yeah, these 0's are piling up! I almost want to see it just to experience how bad it is.