Digital Hippos: Melancholia Review

Julia of Digital Hippos writes:

After a period of reflection I've decided that I liked this film. It is definitely not easy-viewing, with a crawling pace that simultaneously drives you insane with boredom and suspense. A tricky, indescribable phenomenon. Kirsten's portrayal of severe depression was powerful and everyone around her delivered exceptional performances. Melancholia is such a beautiful film from start to finish and is rounded out by a haunting score. It is an all out experience that shouldn't be missed.

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Sadie21003242d ago

I was very curious about this film. The trailer looked ridiculous to me, but this review, although positive in the end, really cements that it's not something I want to see.

punkpop1013241d ago

Have to see it.Huge fan of Kirsten since Spider-man.