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FirstShowing Review: Jack and Jill

FirstShowing writes:
Sometimes a movie will come along that irks you, causes the veins on your head to pop out with frustration to such an extent that you don't even want to mull it over for days before blasting it with an angry retort. I'd like to take a moment and congratulate Adam Sandler and Dennis Dugan, an actor/director combo that usually brings out this kind of ire but never like this. Never like this. The movie is Jack and Jill. The premise is ridiculous. Sandler plays both Jack Sadelstein, family man and ad exec living in L.A. with his wife—a characterless mannequin that looks an awful lot like Katie Holmes—and two children, and Jill, Jack's annoying, noxious, abhorrent sister who comes to her brother's house for Thanksgiving.

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