Paul Bettany Nabs Lead in Showtime's 'Masters of Sex' Pilot

THR Writes:
He'll play sexual education researcher William Masters in the Sony Pictures Television drama project.

It's Showtime for big-screen star Paul Bettany.

The film actor, whose credits include Priest, The Tourist and Iron Man 2, has been tapped to play sex education researcher William Masters in the Showtime drama Masters of Sex.

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punkpop1013236d ago

Who cares?People get here for the big ones.A drama about sex is as boring as it gets for people here.

Sahil3235d ago

Like Paul Bettany. He definitely needs to be given more work. I’ve never NOT enjoyed a performance by him evn in not so great movies.

StarWarsFan3235d ago

Maybe television will be nicer to Paul Bettany than films have been.

alycakes3234d ago

He's always played parts in movies as a priest or a bad guy...this is totally different for him so it will be interesting to see what he does with this.