Sacha Baron Cohen To Play Scotty Harmony In 'Django Unchained'

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Well, wow. With the recent bits and bobs of casting pretty much finding Quentin Tarantino flipping through his TV Guide to cast actors from shows he watches on Nick At Nite to round out "Django Unchained," it seems he had one major piece of casting up his sleeve.

Variety reports that Sacha Baron Cohen aka Bruno aka Borat aka Ali G is signing on the dotted line to play Scott Harmony in the upcoming spaghetti western/vengeance flick. Undoubtedly, the role has been retooled a bit. In the script we read that leaked earlier in the year, Scotty is an overweight 24 year-old whose father buys him Broomhilda to help his self-confidence. Neither 24 or overweight, the lanky Cohen will take on the role and likely bring his own take on it, but the essence is the same. Broomhilda becomes his companion (of sorts) until he comes up against Candie in a card game. Yeah, it's a small part but an important one, hence the big name in the role.

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StarWarsFan3245d ago

The cast and story of this movie sounds wacky so far, but I suppose every Tarantino movie does before it's fully filmed.

alycakes3244d ago

There is no telling what it will be when he gets done with it. There's a lot of people in it and I guess he's done casting so maybe now he'll get down to business and make the film.