News on Justice League Movie & Green Lantern 2, Superman: Man Of Steel 2 Info

From CosmicBookNews:

As we have previously heard, Warner Bros. wants a Justice League movie. WB Studio President Jeff Robinov has said so himself, and even stated a 2013 release date.

It has even been said that Christopher Nolan will be brought on to produce, that there will be a new Batman, possibly even a new Superman and Green Lantern (as Ryan Reynolds has denied anything JL related).

However, it appears there has been some recent discussion at Warner Bros. in regards to the direction of the movie.

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darklordzor2660d ago

Hmmm...I think the main problem I have with all of this info is the Man of Steel sequel. I'm sure they'll want to try and make one, but they've still got to deal with this lawsuit.

Right now they can only make a Superman film before 2012...and with the current film set to release in 2013, I'm not sure how they plan on doing a sequel. They'll have to really work some deals in the court to make that happen.

Other than that, I could believe the rest of it.

DarkBlood2659d ago

hey man the link couldnt be found it keeps redirecting me to a roger communications ?

Blink_442659d ago

What's going on with the lawsuit?

DarkBlood2658d ago

the best i remeber was some owners who names escape me not the orginal owners mind you about claiming money from the property so they were either going threating to take it away from them unless they made the film before said year has passed

what i thought was they had to make a film otherwise they losed the property kind of like the spiderman situation

i didnt know they could only make one and that was it

Blink_442658d ago

Oh I see, I didn't hear about that

DarkBlood2658d ago

wouldnt a justice league movie be a problem too since supermans a big part of it?

darklordzor2657d ago

Yeah I've wondered about that too. And if they can't keep Superman in it...then it wouldn't really be much of a JL movie.

xVeZx2659d ago

they have to do what marvel did and sign all those guys to a 10 movie deal or something like that to keep bale as batman, that guy as superman and reynolds as green lantern etc etc

StarWarsFan2659d ago

I don't think they're planning this as well as Marvel has with The Avengers.

alycakes2659d ago

I would just want a basic Justice League movie with all the main characters in it like the Avengers....I think that's the only way it would work that people would enjoy it.