IGN: Immortals Review

IGN: "Let's address one thing straight away – Immortals isn't going to win any awards for its screenplay. Luckily, anyone familiar with Tarsem's previous films The Cell and The Fall will know that the former director of commercials is remarkable at getting emotions, themes and story across with his expert use of visuals. Beware of spoilers ahead. "

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HyperCrush3653234d ago

it's really not that good.

Nes_Daze3234d ago

I'm surprised it's even decent, now I wanna actually see it.

KILLERAPP3234d ago

I saw it Thursday is okay still makes me want a movie with a great story and action too bad most of the movies that are coming out are PG...

alycakes3234d ago

I heard it was really good so I want to see it now. I can't imagine it being better than 300 but we'll see.

DarkBlood3234d ago

this was one of the 3 movies i saw today in theatres and the last one before i went home

while its not exactly close in big action till the near ish end or half of the movie as the 300

but i think this movie is asking for a sequal and you'll know what i mean when you get to the end part

Blink_443234d ago

How were the action scenes in comparison to 300?

DarkBlood3234d ago

well i cant remeber how much of the action was not present in 300 since its been a while since i saw the movie

the action scenes get heavier later in the movie as oppose to the begining

im not good at explaining things but its like this in my mind

story/minor action story/story/story/story/medium action/medium action story/heavy action/story action/ shit about to go down action/ closed off action in small area* which i think is really awsome and might be comparable to 300 in some ways*/fading action/ story then the end but the ending takes place some years after maybe 7 where it appears something epic is going to happen

how i explained that was my idea of the entire movie with / just means one scene after the other

if i was a bit smarter id explain it shorter but i hope that makes some sense lol

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