Interview With Santa's Apprentice Actor Shane Jacobson

Shane Jacobson has proven himself to be one of Australia’s more versatile entertainers. While many were first introduced to the talented Melbournian via the 2006 hit comedy Kenny, Jacobson has in fact been performing since the age of 10, travelling across Australia and overseas in the world of amateur theatre.

Since then Jacobson has become a jack of all entertainment trades succeeding in radio, theatre, TV and film.

Now he can add voice actor to his repertoire, with his latest film Santa’s Apprentice now in cinemas. An Australian / Belgium co-production, Jacobson stars as the jolly fat Christmas icon himself Santa Cause, who is near retirement and begrudgingly searches for a replacement which he finds in young Sydney orphan Nicholas (Jake Versace).

Matt’s Movie Reviews spoke to Jacobson about giving voice to Santa and his career thus far.

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