The Attraction of Horror Cinema: Why I Love Scary Films

What attracts us to horror films? Recently Halloween passed and with it many sites held horror film marathons. Top 10 Films editor Daniel Stephens discusses why he has always had affection for the horror genre and examines the intricacies of the films that make it so appealing.

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Blink_443267d ago

Scary movies are awesome

alycakes3266d ago

I do love most of them but not the one that are all bloody and no story line to them...I want a good story to go with the fear.

JL3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Horror movies fall into 4 categories for me.

Scary: Those that raise tension and scare you.

Startling: Those that depend solely on "cheap thrills" of loud bangs or sudden pop-ups to make you jump

Shock: The blood and gore type; those that depend on shock value

Terror: Those that scare the shit out of you in a way that it "haunts" you and stays with you even after the movie.

Personally, I enjoy all types. Though, the shock ones can be somewhat crap more often than the other types.

Honestly though, I love those that terrify me. I WANT to be so scared afterwards that I'm having to pull the shower curtain back just for peace of mind when I go to the bathroom lol

Edit: Sorry, don't know why this got put as a reply to your comment. Wasn't necessarily meant to be a reply to you. Just a comment in general.

chiefbrody20013266d ago

Good points _JL_

...I'm a huge fan of horror film in general but I have my preferences. I'm not too fond of excessive violence or gore, I prefer films that rely on suspense and getting under your skin through pot-boiling tension.