Oscar: Billy Crystal Set As Host

Deadline says:

The Academy has confirmed to me that Billy Crystal is locked as host.

EARLIER: Well, that didn’t take long. Billy Crystal will be the host of the Academy Awards for the ninth time. Crystal, who has been public about his desire to come back to the Oscars, was the first candidate approached by Don Mischer and Brian Grazer and he said yes right away, I’m told. This comes a day after Eddie Murphy bailed as Oscar host following the resignation of Brett Ratner as producer. Grazer just replaced him last night. They certainly wasted no time in putting the show back on track.

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judoka24133248d ago

Lets see howw this turns out

Yi-Long3248d ago

... as usual these last few years.

I mean, I like Crystal, but the Oscar's have been so very 'tame' and predictable for a long while now.

Why not get Chris Rock back in there, or Colbert and Stewart, or perhaps Eddie Izzard... !?

JL3247d ago

I like Crystal. I think he can be funny and "quirky" enough to make this entertaining.

I would like seeing Izzard do it though. I love that guy.

Crazay3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Apparently the move has been very good and they will probably be part of the show in some capacity. I grew up watching the Muppets so I'm really excited with how much love they're getting again.

pomoluese3247d ago

I guess I can live with that.

Crazay3247d ago

Rumor has it as co-hosts.

StarWarsFan3247d ago

Billy Crystal could be great again. I think the Oscars need more entertainment with some variety acts or something.

Crazay3247d ago

The Oscars have become quite stale no question about it. I always enjoyed Billy as the host though. I think Seth MacFarlane would have been a good choice too because he's freaking hilarious

JL3247d ago

I wouldnt go so far as to say variety acts. I dony want this turning into the MTV Awards or something.

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