‘Walking Dead’: Michael Rooker on the Return of Merle Dixon

Herocomplex says

At the recent Aliens to Zombie convention in Hollywood, fanboy-favorite actor Michael Rooker turned up carrying a large box of life-sized polyurethane severed hands that he planned to dole out as souvenirs.

“Thirty years honing my craft, and it’s come to this,” he joked.

The unusual keepsakes were designed as a homage to Merle Dixon, the character Rooker plays on the hit AMC zombie series “The Walking Dead.” A despicable drug-addled racist and the nastier of two Southern brothers, Dixon sawed off his own hand to escape becoming zombie food midway through the show’s first season. He’s been missing ever since, though a sizable portion of the show’s audience has been clamoring for his return. Now, it appears the character is poised to come back on the scene this coming Sunday — if Internet buzz and teasers for the next episode are to be believed.

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Crazay2656d ago

He was pretty awesome - shpould be very interesting to see what happens and how he's brought back into the series. He is NOT the Governor.

Blink_442656d ago

I was wondering when he was gonna come back

Crazay2656d ago

one of the major rumors circulating the web over the summer had him playing the part of the governor. That would have sucked.

bumnut2655d ago

Too much drama and not enough zombies in S2 imo.

Blink_442655d ago

But when there are zombies there has been some gruesome killings.

ThrazN72655d ago

3rd episode was the best R.I.P Otis

WitWolfy2655d ago

I agree, plus this whole thing about looking for the little girl is getting old now. Im just waiting for the truth to surface about the barn for the people who didnt read the comics.

-SPOIER ALERT FROM THE COMIC- Plus I like the take of S2 so far. I just tell myself thats how everything would of panned out, if Shane never got killed so early.

alycakes2655d ago

I knew he was coming back I just didn't know when.

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