David Schwimmer In Talks For The Iceman

Empire says

David Schwimmer is not usually known for playing truly dark characters, but he’s taking a real crack at it now, entering into negotiations to play a killer in The Iceman.

Michael Shannon is lined up to star as Richard Kuklinski, a real-life killer who carried out contract hits at night while keeping up the pretense that he was a loving family man. He was so adept at hiding his other life that even his doting wife (who Maggie Gyllenhaal will play) had no idea what he really got up to.

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Crazay3246d ago

Am I wrong here in thinking that it's going to be hard to take Ross seriously as a stone cold killer?

ngecenk3245d ago



Crazay3245d ago

lol - nicely said sir. bubbles up for you.

alycakes3245d ago

I can't see him in a serious roll either...I really never liked him anyway...out of all the characters on Friends..he was the one that was always getting on my nerves.