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LRA: A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: The last time we saw Harold and Kumar they were the victims of profiling and labeled as suspected terrorists. The second Harold and Kumar movie ceased being about silly gags and ridiculous situations, it tried to impose upon us a message about racial profiling (something the first film already did in a much more streamlined and humorous fashion). That's not what I wanted out of a sequel to that first film, I just wanted to see these two guys go on more crazy adventures as they continued to get stoned out of their minds. I will never forgive that second film for wasting the opportunity of placing these two guys in the weed capital of the world. So when news came of a third film I wasn't quite as excited as I was before, the scars from the sequel were still there and the fact that they were pushing the 3D aspect pretty heavily (I'm not a huge fan of the format) wasn't very reassuring either. The one thing it had going for it though was its theme, placing it during the holidays was the perfect (if a little uninspired) next step for these guys. I love the Christmas season, I love goofy comedies and most of all I actually loved almost every single minute I spent with this movie.

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