Mickey Rourke Talks 'Immortals'

Craveonline: "Mickey Rourke doesn't hold much back in an interview. Craveonline talked over the phone about his part in this weekend's new release Immortals, directed by Tarsem Singh (whom we also interviewed, that runs tomorrow), and before long he was telling all about the behind the scenes trouble on Iron Man 2. We bring up what was reportedly his next project - Seven Psychopaths, directed by In Bruges' Martin McDonagh - and not only does he say he's not doing it but he's extremely candid about why. And The Expendables 2? He's not going to be in that either. Never was, apparently. And somehow in the midst of all of that talk - including updates on some new projects he's writing himself - the Oscar-nominated star of The Wrestler found time to speak about the positive experience he had on the set of Immortals, and dole out some respect for that Greek mythology epic's director."

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Blink_443234d ago

This guy does not seem like a nice guy, understandable though. If I had a face like that I'd be pissy too.

judoka24133234d ago

jJajjJA aa he looks like a nice guy to me jajaja

alycakes3233d ago

He tells it like he sees it and sometimes it's not nice. I guess he had it rough when he was younger because you can tell he's not a happy man.