Oscars: Eddie Murphy Exits As Host

Deadline says

The move is not entirely unexpected given that Brett Ratner was the one who brought in Eddie Murphy, and we speculated that Ratner’s exit Tuesday gave Murphy the perfect chance to bow out. But it still gives the Academy a big headache having to replace a producer and now a host only 3 months before the Oscar ceremony.

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Blink_443244d ago

Dang I was actually going to watch it too.

darklordzor3244d ago

Yeah, while I'm glad Ratner is gone, I was rather looking forward to Murphy hosting. I think he could bring a lot of showmanship to the gig, and may have actually made the show worth watching...and not just a bore-fest.

Blink_443244d ago

Hopefully they get someone funny.

StarWarsFan3244d ago

Eddie Murphy should have stayed.