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Worst Idea Ever, Charlie Chaplin in 3-D

IndieWire says

Count on German schlockmeister Uwe Boll to endorse the worst idea ever for a movie. Check out the pitch to a major studio (the name is omitted) from his Kinostar colleague Michael Roesch below:

From: Michael Roesch 

Sent: Friday, November 04, 2011
To: uwe boll

Hope you are well.

One of our partners is currently working on the 3D conversion of classic black and white movies.

He has secured the rights and is in the middle of production of several Charlie Chaplin movies, which will form one 90 minute 3D movie titled “Chaplin 3D - Little Tramp´s Adventure”. The 3D looks amazing, much better than most of the conversions which were shown in theaters so far.

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Crazay3242d ago

Allowing Uwe Boll to touch anything is a bad idea in and of itself, letting him take the classic Charlie Chaplin is like pissing on the man's grave. I can't see how ANYONE in their right mind would think this is a good idea let alone finance this.

JL3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I can't see how Boll continues to find financing for anything he does.

And yes, this is a horrible idea. Leave it alone! Chaplin is fine as is. What's next? Is he going to dub voices into Buster Keaton's movies?

Crazay3242d ago

It makes me sick to see that this guy has a career still. As if all the other pieces of garbage the man's made haven't proven that he's an extremely untalented director.

alycakes3242d ago

Just as bad as making The Great Gatsby in 3D. You have to have some actual action to have 3D.

Crazay3242d ago

Making the Great Gatsby into a movie is a crime in and of itself. WHat a boring book.

alycakes3242d ago

It was and the movie that Robert Redford made was just as boring too. I just can't believe they're doing it again.

Blink_443242d ago

Use Boll?! How does this guy still have money?

Crazay3242d ago

That's the million dollar question. My guess is he steals from Orphanages and those Red Cross Santas in shopping malls.

Blink_443242d ago

Hahahaha that must be how he does it

pomoluese3242d ago

Brilliant, genius, etc.

StarWarsFan3241d ago

I have to see it to believe it.

Crazay3241d ago

Now you're just encouraging the guy. Please don't.