Taken 2 Adds Brothers And Sisters' Luke Grimes "One of the things that worked so well about Taken was the simplicity of the story. Man loves daughter. Daughter gets kidnapped by human traffickers in Europe. Man tears through France using a “very particular set of skills” to get daughter back. Add Liam Neeson into the equation and the film was bound to be a winner. Will the sequel turn out as well? It’s hard to tell at this point. "

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edwest2657d ago

Because we all cared so much the first time lol

StarWarsFan2656d ago

I'm not sure if Taken is a movie that can be successfully added to with a sequel.

no_more_heroes2656d ago

Same here. I enjoyed the Taken very much, but I don't really see how they can get a sequel out of it.

Blink_442656d ago

Wonder who's gonna be taken this time,