Stephen King Novel 'Rose Madder' Being Adapted for the Big Screen

There are numerous big screen Stephen King adaptations, from the really good (The Shining) to the really bad (unfortunately there are too many of these to list but here's one for you...Dreamcatcher) and the "Oh yea, he did write those didn't he?!" (The Shawshank Redemption , The Green Mile) in between. But somehow, King's Rose Madder has evaded the feature film treatment until now. Variety is reporting that Palomar Pictures and Grosvenor Park are working on an adaptation of the 1995 novel with screenwriter Naomi Sheridan, writer of In America and daughter of My Left Foot director Jim) scripting the project.

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alycakes3269d ago

I'm not familiar with this one...I thought I'd heard of all of his books but I guess there are some out there that I haven't yet. This will be some new and different to look forward to.

alycakes3269d ago

It sounds like a weird story but I usually like strange S. King stories as long as they don't get too much off base. Sometimes they tend to even get off the story line.