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The UnCensored Talkbacker Presents Dark Knight Rises As Seen Through His Lens

AICN says

Hey folks, Harry here... I would just like to applaud you folks watching the shooting of DARK KNIGHT RISES... although - with SPIDER-MAN shooting in New York right now, I am curious if any of you have seen any of that going down. But last night, nearly 1am a very excitable and giddy SHINING fan - who I'll call The UnCensored Talkbacker - as that is his favorite thing on AICN - and he had spent the better part of his weekend filming the shooting of DARK KNIGHT RISES with his 1080p camera - and edited together the best ofs for you folks to enjoy. I know Nordling posted a thing earlier talking about how he wasn't watching this stuff... but let me be straight with you folks.

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