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Player Affinity writes: "I really don’t know where to begin with “Just Let Go.” Brother Sam’s shooting last week was an unexpected twist in the story to say the least; the character has been an interesting one from the start and the possibility of losing him so soon was honestly something that I hadn’t begun to consider. The more I think about it however, it was kind of inevitable. Yes, if you haven’t seen the episode, Brother Sam did die, but his death wasn’t really about him dying at all. Over the last five episodes Sam has used what little screen time that he had to drastically alter Dexter’s outlook on life, and with his death, that part of the story was truly allowed to come full-circle. "

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Blink_443238d ago

I have the first two seasons of this show but I've only watched a few episodes of it.

pomoluese3238d ago

It's really good. Some people have issues with the second season because of Dexter's love interest, but I really enjoyed it. The weakest seasons are the third and fifth. The fourth is amazing and this season isn't too bad.

loudhugo3238d ago


decent episode, but sick of those moments, "last talk before dying"