IGN - Boardwalk Empire: "Peg of Old" Review

IGN - Holy sh!@, Nucky got shot! In the hand! The event marked a very satisfying midpoint for Season 2, as the series continues to raise the stakes by increasingly putting Nucky in harm's way.

"Peg of Old" spotlights the different approaches Nucky and Jimmy take to get their houses in order, and the consequences of doing it. Most who have any power on this show wield it like it's a blunt instrument. Slit throats and head shots over surgical strikes. "Old" spends most of its time hinting that Nucky's more patient, "turn of the screw" approach to fighting this war - and saving his own ass - will ultimately be Jimmy's undoing, especially as the rising gangster gets peer pressured into ordering the botched hit on Nucky.

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