Annoying Movie Performances

"Every once in a while a movie performance comes along, so unbearably annoying, that it causes people like me to get angry and write badly about it. Here's a small list of the worst ones."


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darklordzor3237d ago

I'm sorry, but I LOVED Chris Tucker in The 5th Element. I thought that was one of the best parts of the film, and a perfect pairing with Bruce Willis' bad ass character.

MRoz3237d ago

Chris tucker in the 5th Element is the equivalent of the Ewoks in episode 6 for me.

judoka24133237d ago

Chris tucker was the guy that made alot of ppl go watch the fifth element again

darfreeze3237d ago

But I loved Juno because of Ellen Page. I don't get it.

StarWarsFan3236d ago

I think Jar Jar Binks gets a bit of a hard time.