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TeeJFilmReviews writes:
In Time does work but the execution of this film is under developed. What could have been an intelligent action film (Inception anyone?) is very much relegated to a Bonnie & Clyde/Robin Hood adventure as the two leads resort to breaking into banks and giving “time” to the poor. Niccol (the director and writer) has plenty of ideas in his head, but some of these ideas are just throw away comments which could have been dramatised more. We are simply left with a rather incomplete film.

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JL2656d ago

At the risk of being laughed at: I like Justin Timberlake as an actor. He's grown on me and has turned in some fine performances, all things considered.

The premise of this movie seems pretty cool, too. I definitely want to check this out. I don't expect anything great, but seems like an enjoyable enough movie.