Brett Ratner: Is "Hate" Too Strong a Word?

Player Affinity writes: By now, you've probably seen the trailers or TV spots for Tower Heist, right? It's the one with Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, and a cavalcade of hilarious character actors. They're planning on stealing back the money they lost to a Bernie Madoff-like billionaire. It looks fun, has great actors, and appears to have some really timely themes.

However, there's a big, unfortunate "but" attached to Tower Heist, and his name is Brett Ratner. Yes, the director of such illustrious titles as X-Men: The Last Stand and Rush Hour is back for another go at sheer Hollywood escapism, and if history is any indicator, he'll royally screw up Tower Heist.

This begs the question: When it comes to Brett Ratner, is "hate" too strong a word? I say absolutely not. Let's countdown the reasons.

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