NBC Buys ‘Hannibal’ Series From Bryan Fuller & Gaumont International Television

Deadline: " In its first U.S. sale, recently launched L.A.-based indie studio Gaumont International Television has set up hourlong drama Hannibal at NBC. Written and executive produced by Bryan Fuller and executive produced by Martha De Laurentiis, the project, based on the iconic literary and film character Hannibal Lecter, was bought by NBC preemptively."

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movieshateyoutoo3270d ago

Seems like another "brilliant" idea by NBC.

JL3270d ago

I think this could make for an interesting TV series. Definitely has multiple ways it could go too. It could focus on Hannibal during his serial killer days. Maybe something akin to Dexter. Or it could go the "inspired by Sherlock Holmes" route that you've seen several TV shows do (Monk, The Mentalist, etc) where Hannibal is in prison serving as a consultant on different cases each week.

darklordzor3270d ago

I think Dexter is exactly the route they plan on going. Mostly because Dexter was so popular and all about a serial killer. They'll try and capitalize on that existing audience.

darklordzor3270d ago

I didn't like this idea when the news first broke about this possibility, and I still can't say I'm excited now. I think the idea for a Hannibal series is a sound one. It's a good character and can be a strong source of drama and entertainment.

The problem is that it's been a long time (and two crappy sequels) since the story was really approached. On top of that, Hopkins' performance has reached icon status, to the point where anyone else playing the role doesn't feel right.

The time for this TV show was a decade or so ago. Then they wouldn't really have the issues I've talked about.

JL3270d ago

You're very right on the Hopkins point. Hopkins IS Hannibal. So much so in fact, that I just saw the picture and assumed of course it would be Hopkins because he IS Hannibal. My mind didn't even think to differentiate the actor from the character lol

Getting someone else to play Hannibal, that would feel so wrong.

batguyz3269d ago

James Gandolfini would play a good hannibal

Blink_443270d ago

Wonder what they are gonna have to limit for content because it's on NBC.

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