MGM Acquires the Where's Waldo? Film Rights

Comingsoon says

MGM's President of Motion Picture Group Jonathan Glickman today announced that the studio has secured feature film rights to bring Classic Media's "Where's Waldo?" to the big screen in a live-action family adventure.

Created by Martin Handford and first published in 1987, "Where's Waldo?" is one of the most recognizable characters in the world. With more than 55 million books sold worldwide from New York to Sydney to London to Tokyo, "Where's Waldo?" books are available in more than thirty-eight countries and have been translated into more than thirty languages. "Where's Waldo?" has also been spotted in gaming, selling more than 4.6+ million Apps for iPhone and iPad.

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pomoluese3250d ago

I feel like this could actually have some good potential as a film. I don't know why but I think it could be pretty funny, even if it's like Steve Martin's Pink Panther where the plot is terrible but it's still funny and worth watching.

DarkBlood3250d ago

i wonder how it would work since all i know is you have to find waldo

so the main question is are we going to see mostly waldo or the people looking for him lol

JL3250d ago

That's my thought too: the game doesn't have a plot or anything. It would be like making a "Spot the Difference" movie.

Seems to me they're just cashing in on the property/character.

pomoluese3250d ago

I don't know, I feel like the Waldo series has so little plot that they could make it really ridiculous

Unless they make it into a cartoon, then it'll suck.

JL3250d ago

That's my point, though. There's no plot, so they could do whatever they want. In that sense, it's not really a Where's Waldo movie then is it? Rather, it's just them cashing in on the character.

It's the same as Battleship. That's not an adaptation of the game. You CAN'T adapt that game. Rather, it's just a naval movie that's cashing in on the popular game's name.

Crazay3250d ago

This is a very odd decision but hey, they made Rock em Sock em Robots into a movie that actually got decent reviews and made some good coin. You just need the right people in place to make what seems to be a stupid concept work.

darklordzor3250d ago

Yep, just like Battleship, or even Pirates of the Caribbean (for an example of something actually working).

JL3250d ago

lol Just mentioned it above before I read your comment. Battleship is the perfect example of making a not-really-related movie just based on the name.

darklordzor3250d ago

I guess it wouldn't be so bad if they made the plot of the film something like a kidnapping story. Where Waldo is kidnapped/disappears and its up to a handful of people to solve clues and find him.

Hell, they could look at pictures the kidnapper sends and by finding Waldo in the images they get one step closer to finding him in real life.....

But let's face it, they won't do it that way. Even if they did, it's still pretty cheesy sounding.

JL3250d ago

lol That sounds more like the makings of a Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego-ripoff-TV/Gameshow lol

I'm not saying this movie will be bad. Obviously, with no plot to the game, there's tons of ways they can go with it. It could even be good. But I'm not seeing it. It's not like Pirates where at least there's a theme. Or like the Candyland movie they've talked about where at least there's a world and something of a lore to build upon. Rather, this is just a character. It'd be like trying to make a movie based on that paperclip helper guy that is/was in MS Office lol

Crazay3250d ago

I also had the same thoughts as DLZ then came to the conclusion that it's a little more like the Carmen Sandiego character.

There's no need to diss the Paperclip dude JL. He was a helpful little dude.

darklordzor3250d ago

What they really need to do is also tie in those I Spy books. Since Waldo and I Spy are essentially the same they could do all kinds of cross-marketing!

terrorofdeath3250d ago

The only person I can see playing Waldo is Johnny Depp cause I feel he would fit that character. Plus...I love his acting.
If they want to really be serious about this one becoming a live action film then I can imagine the plot being of Waldo being this Joker-esque type character that causes chaos in different places all over the world and it's up to some sort of detective (Perhaps Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes) to uncover his tracks...

Just my 2c.

loudhugo3249d ago

they are really running out of ideas...

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