The Daily Rotation - The Son of No One Review

Sean of The Daily Rotation wrote, "I have been impressed with the past films of Dito Montiel, his debut feature A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints is still an under appreciated film, and I while I wasn’t blown away with Fighting, I still enjoyed it more than a few other similar films. Here, he reunites with Channing Tatum, who starred in his past two films (giving a career-best performance in Guide) and Ray Liotta comes back to work with Montiel again as well."

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alycakes3246d ago

I've not seen it but would love to. It looks very interesting in the previews and I hadn't heard much about it for very long so I'll just have to look for it myself.

MinimeJer053246d ago

Yeah, it does look like a solid rental. The cast alone seems to be worth it.