Awesome Dark Knight Rises Video of Batman and Bane Clobbering Each Other

CBM says

This is the video that you have to see! Watch as Batman slices through a crowd of citizens and finally slugs it out with Bane across the streets of Gotham.

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judoka24133240d ago

Wow ahaah batman and bane look like powerangers fighting but in the movie loos so realistic

Crazay3240d ago

HAHAH!! Power Ranger? That's a strange comment sir....funny though.

DarkBlood3239d ago

do you know which one has them both fighting?

and for the power ranger comment lol ahem i bet those are stuntmen doing all that unless im mistaken

StarWarsFan3239d ago

Can't wait until it's edited for the final cut of the movie.

punkpop1013234d ago

Visual and special effects do the work 99% of the time so we'll have to wait to see what's in the film.BTW it looks freakin sweet.